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Green River Stone
Internationally known for museum-quality fossils and expert old-world craftsmanship, Green River Stone produces one-of-a-kind wall murals, tables, counter tops, and tiles.

It is an American company dedicated to the creation of timeless works of art and design using fossil-rich limestone. The stone is harvested from a private quarry in southwestern Wyoming, and then transported to a fossil preparation laboratory in Logan, Utah, where each product is built by hand.

Natural fossil preparation incorporates the use of small hand tools—air chisels, sandblasters, and picks—to remove thin layers of stone that cover the fossils. Green River Stone’s artisans have perfected this craft over many years. The result of their labor is a highly detailed finished fossil, where the backbone, ribs, and skull are raised in shallow relief. The stone and fossils show wonderful texture and color.

For tabletops, counter tops, tiles, or other applications where a smooth finish is desired, the honed method is used. The honing process is a wet sanding process achieved using an orbital polisher that sands the stone down to the fossil layer using abrasive bricks and pads. The fine detail is brought out using smaller hand tools and picks. The result is a smooth matte stone finish where the fossils are displayed in cross-section flush with the surface of the stone.

All fossil fish are collected and prepared in adherence to strict guidelines established by the American Association of Paleontological Suppliers Code of Ethics, as well as state and federal Laws.
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